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Wibo is the app that broadcasts interactive Live Quiz Shows presented by a host. Wibo combines the winning formulas of TV quiz show, like a charismatic host, with the interactivity of a mobile game.
 Wibo’s access is free.
In addiction to our Live Game Show, in 1to1 mode it’s possible to play against your friends at any time and earn benefits to be used in the Live Game Show.
Using Wibo's app, you will earn the ticket to access the Wibo Season: a special Live Show event where you can win bigger prizes and enjoy a special show with special guests.
We believe in community: in Wibo you will find all your friends to compete against in the 1to1 mode or to play with them during the Live Game Show. You can interact with friends also by visiting their profiles and checking their achievements.
Thanks to our technology we can re-create every successful game show format on Wibo. In this way, every viewer becomes a player, competing for cash prizes as well as valuable bragging rights.

Wibo was built to satisfy our entertainment consumer needs. Traditional entertainment platforms, such as television, do not meet the needs of the millennial target, of which we are part of. For example, television establishes a one-way relationship between the broadcaster and the viewer, who is engaged in a passive way. In the twenty-first century, entertainment must be shared and above all interactive.

Wibo is the revolution of television quizzes. We transfer to the smartphone the decades-long success of television quizzes, making them interactive. For the first time, every viewer becomes a competitor and can be the protagonist of the show wherever he is. Compared to our competitors, we think the social dynamics that we offer in wibo make the retention of our users stronger and will have the advantage of playing with physical and digital interaction.