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Prodotto in beta


Customer Problem: Man's need to leave a trace in history and bequeath their memory to their descendants is addressed exclusively by static representations (biographies, portraits, online pages, etc..). These tools are limiting as they can only represent a very partial aspect of the individual's life-story, personality and identity and they do not allow for interaction with descendents. Forever's products look to overcome these barriers.

Product and Services: Forever's product line is expected to develop along two main streams addressing different market segments:
- Digital Eternity (DE): dedicated to the Very High Spender segment, this fully personalized product enables the creation of a visually, psychologically, socially and culturally accurate representation of the customer that allows for technologically advanced interaction and preserves it for fruition by future generations;
- Advanced Digital Identity (ADI): addressing the web-based consumer segment, this product will offer a platform that will enable customers to create, share and preserve their DI (Digital Identity) and allow its interaction through social media indefinitely.
In order to help finance development and marketing efforts for these two product lines, as well as establishing credentials and market presence from the beginning, “light versions” will be made immediately available:
- DE's light version “Foundation Identity” (FI) allows for the preservation of the available identity elements of historical figures
- and ADI's light version allows for the digital preservation of consumers' self personalized avatar, digital footprint and journal
While the two products are interdependent technically and for their development, business wise they are very distinct and require distinct market approaches